Hantu Binal Jembatan Semanggi

"The movie Ghost Binal Semanggi produced especially for adults. Even so, the film is lifted from a true story that happened. "K2K Productions producer said KK Dheraj told Pos Kota newspaper, Saturday (14/11). Latest HOT pictures Indonesia
Two other artists Okie Agustina and Idea Pasha will also appear in the lovemaking scenes, which scene intercourse, the reason a cliche: "All of us in accordance with the demands of the scenario." Is the era of film Hororisme Seronokisme and Indonesia, which put forward the Aurat, Ghosts, and Terror will be back again in early 2010? After the previous scene "sightings" Dewi Persik breasts in the film "Nails Kuntilanak", it seems the signs are already starting lead. Moreover Chytiara Alona also famous as a model of courageous Hot (almost naked!) In some magazine guy. Ah .. the signs of apocalypse is nigh .. Or at least, we have entered the era of wacky. And according to recent information the author can, ultimately the film fails to appear, because it does not pass the sensor.
Apart from the controversial film contest, History Cintiyara own Alona arguably enough "Plain", where he's never done photo shoots for Playboy magazine Japan. According Cintiyara own confession, was right when he's shooting session was not wearing any clothes, but when inserted into the magazine, which is displayed is not "nude-nude" so, he said. "Besides," added Cintiyara Alona, "playboy magazine is not for consumption of Indonesia, was circulated only to other Asian countries like Japan, Thailand and Singapore

Suster Keramas

Ghost Peak Months Coming ',' Sister shampoo ', so the titles of horror movies with sensual scenes that flooded theaters Indonesia Why horror movies smelly porn rife in Indonesia?
Joko Anwar, director and screenwriter, see this trend as a cheap formula manufacturers try to attract viewers of horror films that increasingly recede.
"In 2009, horror films that audiences were not released as expected. In previous years there are still many," said Joko Anwar.
According to Joko the producers then use new tricks to attract an audience. For example, the title is 'inviting' and promises there will be a sensual scenes, nudity or explicit sex scenes, though it turns out scenes did not exist in the film.
Human Resources Meanwhile, according Then Roimsari, Director of the Jakarta Film Festival (JiFFest) the emergence of horror movies sensual scenes that marred the weakness is related to the quality of Indonesian filmmakers.
"In Indonesia, the quality of human resources is still low. The film industry developed rapidly but not coupled with the availability of adequate human resources," said Then. This, then, resulted in films that are not good quality.
Ban Horror films porn smells like 'Sister shampoo' and 'Ghosts Peak Months Coming', the ire of Islamic organizations such as the MUI and FPI. They called for bans on these films. But, whether such appeal is still effective and be heard by the public?
According to Joko and then, the banning of the film no longer appropriate to the situation of society. "People are getting smart in deciding what movie they want," said Then.
Joko Anwar believes the ban on cultural products such as books or movies is no longer effective because people can easily get it on the internet. "The ban was actually counter-productive. If a film banned people actually want to watch it," said Joko.
History repeated Joko Anwar alarming rise ghost movies porn smelling this will cause loss of interest in viewers of Indonesian films, like what happened in the early years of '90an.
Tricks attract an audience with the titles 'invite' used to be used. But, when the audience into the cinema they do not get what they expected. The same is now happening again with horror films porn smelly.
The rise of low-quality films will lead the audience away from the cinema. "The foundation already built by Indonesian film makers to create a quality film industry will collapse," said Joko Anwar.

30 hari mencari cinta

30 Days looking for Love tells the story of Keke, Gwen and Olin who become best friends since high school. Together when they enter university, the three girls lived in an old people's homes Olin. Despite their different departments at the university there is always something they could do together after college like eating pizza together, renting videos and watching movies together at home.
One night, when they watched the movie "Titanic", their hearts touched. They just realized after all this time, they have lost and do not ignore a very important thing is LOVE. The only guy they know is Bono, their neighbor. As a result they always walk together without ever accompanied by men, they were dubbed "the lesbians" by their enemy gang led by Barbara.
Therefore, they think to get a girlfriend. However, this idea only made their friendship eventually crack because they bet each other to determine who most quickly get a lover. The bet is to find love in 30 days. The winner will be served by the losing forever.

mati kemaren

Ranti found died suddenly and mysteriously. Hendra, his father, very angry and vindictive. When buried, Henderson intentionally do not remove the rope pocong Ranti, with the intent to pursue Ranti spirits who killed him. Ranti really so curious spirits, and make a sensation. What happens after that, it's a very scary thing

Ada apa dengan cinta

Love returned the book while looking for Rangga confusion. Rangga also grateful to Love. Since then they became close. Rangga invite Love to Kwitang, where he bought the old book. While in Kwitang, Love remembered the promise of a concert with her friends. He also left Rangga to watch the concert.
On a night Rangga and Love dating in a cafe. But before Love went, Alya phoned to ask her to the house. But Love lied that he would go to the hospital. Love finally went with Rangga. There love to sing songs that are made from poetry Rangga. When Love came home, my mom would love to go visit Alya in the hospital for trying to commit suicide. Love to be very sorry.
The next day, Love greeted Rangga. But Love would say crossly for Rangga not approached again. Rangga also agreed that he would stay away from Love. While in the hospital on the Love frank Alya Alya that he lied and knew that love to go out with Rangga. Love does not know that when he was telling the truth, other friends behind them. Love also apologized to his friends that another friend.
Rangga who then will plan to move the school to the United States, tried to call Love to say goodbye. But Love would keep away from Rangga. Carmen, who was basketball practice see Rangga said goodbye to Mr. Wardiman, the school guard. He also immediately inform his friends.

Laskar Pelangi

That's where their story begins. Starting from the placement of seats, their meeting with Pak Harfan, their incredible introduction in which A Kiong that even grinning when asked his name by their teacher, Mrs. Mus. Stupid incident conducted by Borek, election class president who protested loudly by Kucai, the incidence of discovery of extraordinary talent Mahar, experiences first love Curly, until the stakes are life-latitude pedaled 80 km round trip from home to school.

They, Laskar Pelangi - the name given Bu Muslimah will delight those of the rainbow - one had it the name the school in various ways. For example Mahar revenge which is always cornered his friends because his pleasure with the occult which led to sweet victory at the carnival 17 August, and the extraordinary genius who challenged and defeated latitude Drs. Zulfikar, school teachers are certified PN rich and famous, and won the quiz contest. Laskar Pelangi navigate the days fun, laugh and cry together. The story ends with ten herd latitude father's death that forced the little Einstein dropped out of school with a very touching, and continued with events 12 years later where Curly are fighting outside the island Belitong back to his village. This beautiful story with a hilarious and touching summarized by Andrea Hirata, we even can feel the spirit of childhood ten members of the Rainbow Warriors this.

Indonesia blood movies

From the time of casting to filming total spent two years, "said Donny Alam on the sidelines of the film Blood Presscrening PPHUI Garuda in the building, the Kuningan area, South Jakarta, Thursday (19 / 8).

In the film Blood Garuda, Donny served as Lieutenant Thomas, an independence fighter. Even to explore the character he had basic training soldiers for 10 days in the Indonesian army camp.

"Starting from ngerasain how to become soldiers, including when I inserted into one of bootcamp. where I felt I knew how it felt sleepy but still had to be awakened to use the gun. Not to mention have to practice very hard,"explained Donny.

The movie star was initially admitted Goddess weight when I have to leave for six months of filming. But they have to be professional as an actor.

"The truth is so hard to leave the wife at the time. But I am grateful that this can be done thanks to the support of his wife as well," he concluded